Now this is a term that causes a great deal of confusion. The reason is that Victoria was Queen for a long time and fashion was changing at about the same rate as it does today, but even more radically. So the lady of the house is likely to have a totally different look for each decade of the 19th century and you need to think carefully about the time in which you are setting your house. For an overview of the main changes in the fashionable shape, you might find it helpful to have a look at the Victorians page in the History of Costume Series.

On closer questioning, most customers find that they are aiming for the late Victorian period, which tends to merge into Edwardian, so those dolls are separated out and put onto the next two pages. This page deals with the ones that are positively Victorian. You will find that this tends to apply most to the ladies, as men's wear was changing more slowly and therefore has a longer time span, like the staff. Interestingly though, maids can often be dated by their hairstyle and cap, even though their dress remained pretty much unchanged.

Commissioned family from the 1830's - in the reign of William IV, rather than Victoria, but stylistically better here than on the Regency page.

All would be repeatable.

The taller boy is Andrew #2 (see below)  33

The smaller 3-4 year old boy is Louis  33

Of the same period, which coincides with the German Biedermeier movement, is this couple:

Roland, gentleman in full-skirted frock coat 1830-60  53  In stock

Adelina, lady in indoor dress 1830's. Big hair and sleeves were the notable features of the day.63 

The Policeman dates from around 1845 to 1869. By 1870 they were wearing the familiar domed helmet, which I have never figured out how to make. This one with his top hat is repeatable for 53



Jessica #1, lady in day dress 1840-60 (blue print)   63  In stock

Jerome, gentleman in day dress 1840-60    53  In stock

Andrew, 7-8 year old boy in tunic & cap 1850-90   33  In stock

Rachel, parlourmaid 1840-70  43  In stock




Jessica #2, lady in day dress 1840-60 (royal blue)   63

Bea, 3-4 year old girl 1840-70  33  In stock

Jessica #4, lady in day dress 1840-60 (beige)   63  In stock




Albert, gentleman in evening dress 1840-1910   53  In stock

Victoria #1, lady in ball dress 1850's   63 

(I have done lots of variations on Victoria. This is the original, based on my larger scale version.)

Jessica #3, lady in day dress 1840-60 (pink)  63


Sylvia, 14 -15 year old girl  1840-65  43

Lady of 1860's, a miniature version of the one shown on the History of Costume, Victorians page. 63

Cordelia, lady in evening dress 1870's   63

Maxine, older lady in evening dress 1870's   63

Belle, lady in Tissot style bustle dress 1870's   63  In stock

Gordon, officer, British Army 1840-1900  53 

Stella, 14-15 year old girl in riding costume 1860-90  53

Sarah, lady in outdoor dress 1870's   63

Patricia, parlourmaid 1870-80's   43  In stock 

Herbert, grandfather in frock coat 1850-1900   53  In stock

Virginia, lady in indoor dress 1875-83    63

Tina, 7-8 year old girl in bustle dress 1870's  (she can also be made in the same colours as her larger counterpart in the  History of Costume series.)  53

Bernard, gentleman in frock coat 1850-90   53  

Two girls in bustle dresses of 1875-85: 

Rosalie, 14-15 year old in pink 63  In stock

7-8 year old in blue, repeatable to order

Anthony, 12-13 year old boy in Norfolk suit 1880-1910    43 

George.jpg (45921 bytes)

George #1, gentleman in lounge suit 1880-today   53  In stock

Helen, lady in suit & hat 1893-97   63

Rodney, Naval Officer 1850-1900  53

Justin, gentleman in frock coat 1850-1900   53  In stock

Ladies inspired by 'Larkrise to Candleford', mid 1890's :

Ruby and Pearl Pratt  63 each  In stock. Special Offer - buy both together for 100.

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