Now this is where it starts to get a bit complicated. I should call this section Victorian / Edwardian, but for a slightly shorter option I have borrowed the term 'Vicwardian' that I once saw applied to the type of domestic architecture currently in vogue, which I think describes the slightly fuzzy blending of styles rather well. Most of the dolls on this page have quite a long time span, covering at least part if not all of the Victorian era and going on into Edwardian or beyond. As I have said before - check the dates to get the appropriate mix.  Be sure to have a look at  the Victorian and Edwardian pages too.

Nigel #2, gentleman in frock coat 1870-1910  58  

Tilly, 'lady' in corset & drawers 1860-1910  48

Maud, older countrywoman dozing 1840-1910  48  In stock


Theodore, vicar 1840-today   53  In stock one only at this price, then will be 58

Norah, housemaid 1870-1910   48   

Henry, gardener 1880-1940 wearing a traditional blue apron   33   In stock one only at this price, then will be 48

Bert, gardener / handyman 1870-1940   38  In stock

Polly, tweeny / scullery maid 1840-1910   38   

Martha, cook 1840-1910   48  In stock

Kenneth, shopkeeper 1840-1920   38  

Sam, errand boy 1880-1950   38  In stock

Sally, 7-8 year old urchin girl 1840-1910   38


Darcie #1, Nanny 1870-1910   48  

Harriet, baby in gown & shawl 1840-today   17 

Dorcas, housekeeper 1840-1910    48  

Chloe, lady in corset & petticoat 1840-1910 (this version of Chloe has her hair 'up', but if you prefer it 'down', just say so)   48 

Morag, countrywoman 1890-1915   43   

George #3, gentleman in lounge suit 1880-today   58 

Darcie #2, Nanny in outdoor dress 1870-1910   48

Laurence, gentleman in regimental evening dress 1840-1910   53   In stock one only at this price, then will be 58  He would be a suitable partner for Victoria (Victorian) or Estelle (Edwardian), as would Albert (below).

Charlie, bellboy 1840-1930   33  In stock one only at this price, then will be 38

Bentley, butler 1840-1910   48  In stock


Rory, stable boy 1840-1900  38

Gordon, officer, British Army 1840-1900  58  

Albert, gentleman in evening dress 1840-1910   58  In stock 


Jasper, stout gentleman in country suit 1880-1930   58 

Irene, grandmother 1840-1910   48 

Harold, grandfather in smoking jacket and cap   58   


Dennis, footman 1840-1910  48  In stock

Vernon, barman 1840-1930  38   


Artist in smock, 1850-1910   48

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