Most of this family is from the time of Charles I, just before or during the English Civil War. I think men have never looked as dashing as they did in this era. Women were graceful and relatively comfortable, while children looked delightful.  The styles of the later William & Mary period are still Stuart, but should not be mixed with the earlier ones, except in the case of the servants.

You don't see many dolls houses built in the Stuart style, but the family could equally well inhabit a Tudor or Jacobean house.

Constance, lady 1630-50   53

Hugh, 7-8 year old boy 1630-50 (no more in this fabric)   43 

Richard, gentleman 1630-50   63  

Rupert, gentleman 1630-50   63  

Charity #1, 7-8 year old girl 1630-60   43 

Roger, grandfather 1630-50   53

Constance #2, lady 1630-50   53

Prudence, grandmother 1630-50    53

Charity #2, 7-8 year old girl 1630-60   43 

Fenella, ghost of Stuart lady  53 In stock

Abigail, womanservant 1600-1700   43 

Baby, in lace trimmed wrap 1600-1700   15

William, kitchen boy 1600-1700   33  In stock

Antoine, cook 1600-1700   43  In stock

Phoebe, maidservant 1600-1700   43

Adam, manservant 1620-60   33

Patience, scullery maid 1600-1700   43

Tobias, gentleman in periwig 1690-1710, time of William & Mary to Queen Anne  68 In stock

Leda, lady in fontange headdress 1690-1710, time of William & Mary to Queen Anne  63 In stock

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