In the Georgian period there were some amazing excesses of costume, with vast hooped skirts, towering wigs and extravagant trimmings. However there are changes as the century progresses. Gentlemen's coats gradually become narrower in the skirts and sleeves up to around 1780-95, when fashions were simplifying with the influence of the French Revolution. Ladies skirts go from dome-shaped to oblong, then draped and finally plainer with a small train. Check the dates given by each doll to see which could be used together. As usual, the servants are suitable for any and all would suit the classic Georgian house or the slightly earlier Queen Anne.



Lady 1720-60, Georgina #1 in lilac, #2 in red / pink. 60  She just couldn't decide which fabric to choose for her new dress, so has got one of each. Both are now In stock. The pink one goes less well with Edmund, but would look rather good with Sebastian. I will be interested to see which one you all prefer.

Edmund, gentleman 1720-60    67  In stock  


Sebastian, gentleman 1720-60   67  

Colette, lady 1720-60  60  No more with this trimming on skirt

Cuthbert, gentleman 1760-80  67   

 If you're wondering what is different from Edmund and Sebastian above, his coat is cut with narrower skirts and cuffs, has an added stand-collar and his waistcoat is shorter, like Percival, below.

Clarissa, lady in sack-back gown 1750-80 67  No more in this fabric, but I have some plain mid-blue silk that would look good in this style.


Percival, gentleman in formal dress of the 1770's  67  

His outfit is the same style as Cuthbert, but in richer fabrics. This is the last one in this coat fabric.  In stock

Pandora, lady in formal dress of the 1770's  67   In stock

New 12th scale versions of the 1775 couple from my History of Costume series.

To order at 75 each.

New 12th scale versions of the 1780 Macaronis from my History of Costume series.

To order at 75 each.



Hebe, older lady in caraco jacket 1720-80  57  

Huxley, older gentleman in banyan 1720-1800  57 

These adults are dressed informally, to take their ease about the house. The gent's favourite room is probably the library.


Rose, 7-8 year old girl 1720-60    57  In stock

Florence, Governess 1720-60   57  In stock

Clive, 5-6 year old boy 1720-60  47  


Joseph, 7-8 year old boy 1720-60   50  No more in these fabrics but others possible

Olive(r), 1 year old girl / boy, 1720-60   37  In stock

Ruth, 3-4 year old girl 1720-60   40  In stock

Gervase, Clergyman  57

Felicity, lady in riding / outdoor costume 1720-70 67   


Kathleen, cook / servant 1700-95  47  In stock

Silas, Coachman 1720-90   57  In stock

Susannah, 14/15 year old maidservant 1700-95  47 


Daniel, footman 1720-95    67  In stock

Joshua, page boy 1720-95   57    The silver collar shows that sadly he is a slave, but if you'd prefer him to be free he could have a white cravat instead.

Molly, maidservant 1700-95   47   In stock 

Ethel, scullery maid 1720-95  37   No more of this skirt fabric, but others possible

Gaston, cook 1700-1800  47 

Reuben, kitchen boy 1700-1820   37 


Jonas, Butler / Valet  1720-95  47  In stock

Sadie, Lady's maid 1720-95 57  In stock 



Charlotte, lady 1785-95   47   Her gown is dark navy blue silk with subtle stripes of grey and purple, which don't really show in this picture.

Laura, 7-8 year old girl 1780-1800   37  In stock

Jeremy, gentleman 1785-95   57    His coat is now made from cloth rather than silk, with a stand-fall collar and no cuffs. 

Christopher, 7-8 year old boy 1780-1820   37   In stock

Commissioned ladies of 1785-95, repeatable to order.

The younger one in green is 67 and the older in plum is 57

The third young lady in lilac now has a name, Jocelyn  67   

Portia #2, lady in blue with big hat 1785-95 60  In stock

Charles, gentleman 1770-95  57  In stock

Portia #1, lady in black & white with big hat 1785-95 60  In stock

Brandon, 'Romantic' gentleman 1770-95  57  In stock 

Mabel, landlady, based on a real person who was noted for her large red mobcap  57 

Inigo, highwayman.  His sword and pistols are from Phoenix Miniatures.  75

Nancy, young woman wearing straw hat  67


Officers of the British Navy in the late 18th century.

Left to right are a Junior Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant  70 each

and  Elliot, the Captain / Commander.  70

Workman  47

Humphrey the Admiral, 70 

Piers, Army Officer 1770-95  70  In stock

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