Commissions and other figures that defy classification.

Fenella, ghost of Stuart lady   53 In stock

Ghostly Monk  33 


Grey Lady Ghost  37

Carmen, Gypsy woman   43 In stock

Rodrigo, Gypsy man 43



Commissioned Roman Lady, Catholic priest

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For Christmas I offer this set of Crib Figures.

Available on a strictly to order basis. Total price 270, but could be ordered as single figures.

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Witch  53

Wizard  63  


These two ladies are Phlebotomists - that's 'blood nurses' to you and me!

If you would like a similar uniform reproduced, just send me a photo and I'll do my best to copy it, right down to the name badge.

The gent was made as a Vet, but could be any other white-coated professional.

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Hairdressers and clients, 1960's onwards, including customer still wearing her coat and headscarf.

Note the very stylish blue rinse!

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