Here are some pictures from customers showing dolls in situ. Hopefully they will illustrate my point about bringing a scene to  life.

Farm workers in a marvellous setting by Vic Newey, now in a museum collection

Philip, Alice and James in Sarah Searle's Tudor house

  Stuart and late medieval houses by Chris Amphlett


Below are two pictures of Stephen Horlock's wartime church

Below are two pictures from Alexander Kefalas - his Biedermeier room setting and Paul #2, the footman showing how he can carry the tea-tray

Below is Beryl Norman's setting for the 1950's postie, with Bert the gardener and his little 'helper' in the background    

 Valeria in her Exhedra by Fiona O'Leary

Below are two pictures from Karen Cheney's Georgian house.  I love the way she has posed Piers walking downstairs.

Below, two Dragoons and Alice (aka Dulcie) with Canta Pian's Humpty Dumpty  

Lyn Cartman's Tudor house with Alice and Basil 

 Below, Dorothy is spying on the courting couple in Ann Cooper's setting

Below is Brenda in Cosette Desvergez' roombox

Below is Chris Amphlett's Tudor house

Michael Mursanow's Tudor house and below left, his late Stuart room setting


Various Edwardian figures outside Susan Scheina's house

Margaret in Laura Kay-McQue's Tudor house

 Georgian ladies and maid in Ann Ford's roombox

Two views of Christa Hancock-Naef's Chateau

Douglas in Barbara Warner's WWII roombox

   Below -Rufus and Patience in Becky Mellings' tavern.

Below - bakery and shop created by Laura from Mexico.

Below are two pictures of Yvette Stait's Georgian house.

Below are a few of the many dolls commissioned by Marina Henry inside the splendid house she has built to portray her real family ancestors in the 1840's - 50's.

Below are the vegetable garden, back-yard and kitchen of  a super war-time house by Christine Davison

The next 4 pictures are from Cosette Desvergez, including a shadow box featuring the gallant Major Peirson, hero of Jersey.

The next pictures are of my daughter  Emma's dolls house. It is a Greenleaf house set in the Edwardian period on the wedding day of the daughter of the house.

e's house 3.jpg (50755 bytes)

e's house 5.jpg (43606 bytes)

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