The Elements

This set of fantasy dolls arose from a chain of thought begun by a request for a 'Moon Princess', who was followed by the Sun and then The Earth. Moon and Sun have gone on to a new home, but Earth, Sea, Fire and Air are still with me. They are each about 10 inches high, with heads & limbs of air-drying clay, fixed to their own bases. Their costumes feature rich beadwork techniques on a variety of semi-sheer fabrics. 75 each or 275 the set of four. They are absolutely one-of-a-kind and will never be repeated.

Elements.jpg (49479 bytes)

Earth-1.jpg (47079 bytes)

Earth-2.jpg (40959 bytes)Earth

Sea-1.jpg (37661 bytes)

Sea-3.jpg (37281 bytes)Sea

Sea-2.jpg (38438 bytes)

Fire-2.jpg (35194 bytes)

Fire-1.jpg (54179 bytes)

Fire-3.jpg (57264 bytes)Fire

Air-1.jpg (34622 bytes)

Air-3.jpg (31198 bytes)Air

Air-2.jpg (24006 bytes)

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